Most Anticipated Fall Releases

So sorry for the short break of blog posts, my school started this month and I’m still getting used to the work load. 😦 However, it’s a long weekend so I have time to write! 🙂

Considering so many books are coming out this fall (September to November), I wanted to share which books I’m SUPER excited for. (Side note: I live in the Philippines so there are no seasons here but I’m still going to do these posts every 3 months because this way of splitting them up makes the most sense to me right now.)

1) Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas: September 6th

I haven’t even finished Queen of Shadows yet but to be honest, it wouldn’t be a “most anticipated release” post without mentioning at least one Sarah J. Maas book! I wasn’t too thrilled with ACOTAR so I’m really excited to get back into a Sarah J. Maas world that I enjoy. Also, I really love the cover of this one.

2) Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake: September 20th

The premise of the book sounds amazing. Its about triplet sisters who have to fight to the death and the last one standing becomes queen. I’ve heard great things about Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood duology so I’m planning to check this one out as well.

3) Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo: September 27th

Though Six of Crows didn’t really live up to the hype for me, I’m still really eager to see what will happen to these characters! I haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy yet so I’m not sure if Leigh Bardugo tends to kill some of her characters… I hope not!

4) The Midnight Star by Marie Lu: October 11th

In my opinion, Marie Lu never disappoints. Her books are always fast paced and short but still pack a strong punch. Champion was a great conclusion to a trilogy so I have no doubt that Marie Lu will be able to do it again! (I hope it’s not as heart breaking as Champion though.)

5) Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff: October 18th

As of writing this, I’m only around 100 pages into Illuminae but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve never read something like it. I’m not a big reader of science fiction but I do really enjoy the genre. I’m really excited to read more books that are both sci-fi as well as told in different mediums. I also heard that the audiobook of Illuminae was amazing so maybe I’ll try out the audiobook for Gemina.

6) A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray: November 1st

With the way Ten Thousand Skies Above You ended, I’m super excited to see how the story continues (and sadly, ends). This series has been fast paced, plot driven and super intriguing throughout both books and I doubt it will stop in the concluding instalment. This series was by far the biggest surprise to me this year.

7) Blood for Blood by Ryan Graudin: November 1st

Wolf by Wolf was a book filled with amazing narration, plot, pace and writing and I’m sure that its sequel won’t disappoint. This book has made me realise that I actually enjoy historical fiction. I might look into more books like this duology after I’m done with it. Anyway, I’m super excited to see what will happen to our characters and if any romances are formed by the end of the book.

8) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, and Robin Wasserman: November 15th

To be honest, I kind of forgot about this one. I’m not sure if I’m going to read it right away but I’ve heard that it has background information for Lady Midnight so I want to get it at least before Lord of Shadows comes out. Also, I heard that this novella bind up was better than The Bane Chronicles so I’m a little bit more excited to read more from The Mortal Instruments characters.

I’ve now realised that many of the books I’m looking forward to are series enders which is kind of bitter sweet. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see how these series wrap up and I really hope they don’t disappoint. What books are you looking forward to reading this fall?


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