Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Want as Family

So because I want to start getting more active in this blog again, I’m deciding to do Top 5 Wednesdays every week! If you don’t know about this group, it was created by Lainey at GingerReadsLainey and is now hosted by ThoughtsOnTomes. Basically, there is a Goodreads group (link here) where all the topics for each month are posted and everyone who participate compile lists every Wednesday for the given topic.

Like the title says, this week’s theme is characters you’d want as family.

5) Prince Ashur: Falling Kingdoms (specifically Gathering Darkness) by Morgan Rhodes

From what we get of Prince Ashur in this series, he seems like an amazing brother. Despite what his other family members do, he always remains positive and ultimately, I think family outweighs anything for him. He’d just be a great family member because

4) Theo Beck: A Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird Trilogy) by Claudia Gray

Theo would be such a good older brother and family member in general. Throughout the series, he constantly looks out for both Margueritte and Paul no matter what. I think he’d be a good brother as everything he does was based on his love for people he treats as family but he isn’t even related to them.

3) Cress Darnel: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Cress would honestly be such a good older sister. Her quirky personality would brighten up anyone’s day and having her in my family would be so fun. I feel like she’d also be a super supportive sibling and encourage her family to do the things they actually want to pursue.

2) Leo Valdez: The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

Leo’s goofy personality and creativeness would obviously make him an amazing little brother. I am the youngest in my family so it’s weird to think of having a younger brother but I feel like Leo would just fit so well into this position in the family. Though he might get annoying, I think that he would just brighten up my day and be a joy to be around with.

1) Julian Blackthorn: The Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare

If you’ve read Lady Midnight, I doubt this would need an explanation but who wouldn’t want to have Julian in their family? His love for his family is so strong that he’d do anything (you know if you’ve read the book) to look out for them. I don’t care if he’s in this fictional family as a brother or a dad, as long as he’s there, I’ll be fine.

I hope you guys like the fact that I’m doing these now every week! I’ll be back with another Top Five Wednesday next week but I’m still going to continue doing longer posts on Saturdays! Comment down bellow which characters you’d like as family members!


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