Review: Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Over the summer, I read Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. I really enjoyed this book due to its fast pacing and over all interesting world and plot. The book is set in an alternate timeline of events where Germany and Japan actually won the Second World War and have taken over almost all of the existing countries. It follows a girl named Yael who is part of the resistance. She enters a motorcycle race that starts in Germany and culminates in Tokyo, Japan. The winner of the race gets to meet Hitler and so Yael needs to win in order to have her chance at assassinating him. (Oh! Yael is also a shapeshifter by the way so she is able to impersonate the previous winner, Adele Wolfe. ) If you want to read more on the plot, I’ll leave the goodreads page linked here.


The plot, as I mentioned above, was super interesting and fast paced. Though you might think ‘How can a motorcycle race possibly be that exhilarating?’ but once you read this book, you’ll definitely get it. The race is actually very brutal as the participants are super competitive, they go the extra mile to win the race. Additionally, we get to see a little bit of how the resistance works and the intricacies of their plans which really got me wanting to read more. We also do get a lot of Yael’s backstory. Though this may seem that this would cause the plot to drag, it actually didn’t for be because her ‘origin story’ had so much depth to it which intrigued me more as the book went on. Lastly, I think what made the plot very interesting as well was seeing how Yael adapted to living as another person. She had to figure out relationships as well as how to act with other people.


I’m just going to put it out there – I think this is one of the best books in terms of writing. Ryan Graudin’s writing is extremely poetic and her motif of wolves and family throughout the book was just so nice to read. I found myself really getting into the writing and re-reading sentences because they just sounded so beautiful in my head and that’s definitely not the typical reading style for me. I’m definitely going to check out her other books because if the writing in those are half as good, they’ll still be amazing.

Characters and Relationships: .5

Yael was a joy to read about. Like I said previously, her backstory was very compelling and made me really start caring for her throughout the novel. She grows so much from her youngest self that we see to what she is now. I’m very excited to see where she will end up at the end of this duology.

Luka was a very fun character. I really enjoyed seeing his personality as he was fragile yet strong at the same time. I loved seeing how the relationship between Yael and Luka changed throughout the book due to Yael trying to figure out the past relationship between Adele and Luka.

Felix did annoy me a little bit throughout the novel. He was just the annoying and overprotective brother who wouldn’t give Adele/Yael a break. However, I did find myself feeling bad for him at times.


The ending of this book was amazing. I cannot and will not say anything more because I don’t want to give anyone who hasn’t read it a hint.

Overall Rating: 

Overall, almost all aspects were super enjoyable throughout this book. I really enjoyed seeing the different areas that the race went through in the book and I felt like the environment of all the cities were described very well. I now find myself wanting to look more into the genre of historical fiction because I enjoyed this one so much. I really cannot wait for the sequel to this book, Blood for Blood which comes out on the 1st of November.

Make sure to leave your thoughts on the book in a comment below! (Please leave out spoilers for those who haven’t read it :).)

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