Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to See as TV Shows

It’s September which means that all of the TV shows are starting up their new seasons! With this, the theme for this week’s Top 5 Wednesday is books and series that I, personally, want to see adapted into TV Shows. To be honest, I prefer movie adaptations to TV adaptations. I think that when books are adapted into TV shows, the creators tend to change a lot of the things from the source materials which leads me to be disapointed in something that I was so excited for (ahem, Shadowhunters). However, I do admit that I still enjoy seeing characters I love being portrayed in the small screen, despite the inaccuracies.

5) Seconds by Brian Lee O’Malley

This would be a really fun sit-com to watch. I wouldn’t really want to see the actual book adapted to a TV show but I’d rather see what happens after the book. I think seeing Katie’s and Max’s journey with their restaurant would be really enjoyable to watch.

4) The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

I think many people, even if they haven’t read the book series, would be interested to see this futuristic world with people in the moon, cyborgs, and androids. Marissa Meyer’s unique take on fantasy re-tellings will definitely be interesting to see as the ones she has chosen to follow are such popular ones. This would really appeal to the crowd and, if adapted well, the TV show would be a big success.

3) The Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

The Heroes of Olympus would be a funny TV show filled with interesting and loveable characters. Considering the books already have a big fan base, I think that a TV show would be very well recieved after the very disapointing movie adaptations of the first two Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Mainly, this series lends itself to a TV adaptation because of all the mini trials/quests that we see throughout the 5 books.

2) Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray

I think a TV series would be a very good adaptation for this trilogy due to the way the plot is. I think it would benefit from having episodes rather than one long movie as a lot of things go on during the books. The fast pacing of the books will definitely be translated well into a TV show and having it as a show rather than a movie will hopefully allow more character development throughout the series.

1) The Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes

I think this series might end up being a very good TV show. In my opinion, the Falling Kingdoms series is almost like a Young Adult version of Game of Thrones so it definitely has potential to become a great series. Of course this would create conflicts with the Game of Thrones fan base as it might look like copying but I just really want to see these characters (especially Magnus) translated onto the small screen.

After thinking this through, these might not be the best few books to adapt because of all their Sci-Fi/Fantasy elements they have. Despite the small budget that the producers of the show will get, I hope that these elements will be portrayed decently. However, maybe some of these series, especially The Lunar Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus, will be better off as movies. Which of your favorite books would you want to see as TV shows? Tell me in a comment below! 🙂

Top 5 Wednesday was created by GingerReadsLainey and is now hosted by ThoughtsOnTomes. Checkout the goodreads page to see the topics for this month.


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